Russian famous writer Maxim Gorky tasting Armenian brandy told,that it is easier to climb on mountain Ararat,than to leave storehouses ’’Ararat-trust’’. They also say, that cognac is the king of drinks and the drink of kings.
The secret of taste of Armenian brandy is that, the ARARAT brandy gently effects on all 5 senses of a person,thanks to its unique characteristics: deep amber color, vivid aroma, rich taste with a velvet texture, long aftertaste.

The other secret of taste of Armenian brandy is a climat. Long-term climatic observations in the Ararat valley, located at 700 m above sea level, have shown that the area enjoys 300 sunny days a year. These climatic conditions cause a high concentration of aromatic substances and sugar in the grapes.
In addition, there are nearly 30 soil varieties in the Ararat valley. As a result, the same grape variety can have multiple taste nuances,which is characteristic of brandies.  It grows in the Ararat valley Voskehat, Garan Dmak, Rkatsiteli, Mskhali, Kangun. When transplanted to other areas, these grape varieties do not take root, or if they do, they lose their unique character.
The grapes' intense aroma and rich taste are passed along tօ brandies, transforming into a delicate, long aftertaste with fine notes of vanilla, fruit and chocolate. The range of colors varies from pale flax (young brandies) to a deep, dark amber (aged brandies).

Drinking Armenian brandy, we are confident, that the skilled professionals and thousands consumers in country and abroad dont random exaltation Armenian cognac. Really, Armenian cognac is an eminent,a wonderful, a marvelous and a luxurious. In this case, we can say,that it is better to drink Armenian cognac once, than hear a hundred times.