About us

History of our company


§TAVINKO¦ Winery and Brandy Factory was founded on 02.02.2002 and since 2003 has been accepting grapes and producing high-quality Armenian brandy since 2003. On May 9, 2007, a car with the first batch of TERRA ARMENA brandy left the factory gate. It is very symbolic, that TERRA ARMENA was our first product. Because this is exactly what TERRA ARMENA called the dark yellow or light brown color - the color of the Armenian land, the great Leonardo Da Vinci. receiving grapes before bottling this magnificent drink in a container.

 The factory was built in the very heart of the Ararat Valley, at the foot of the biblical Mount Ararat. The local conditions are just perfect for the cultivation of "cognac" grape varieties. The vines grow on magnificent soils and the sun shines for about 300 days a year. We can say that the local grapes are more a product of the sun than of the earth.

We guarantee stable high quality and timely fulfillment of partner obligations. Our wealth is, first of all, our own vineyards, from which we obtain high-quality wine material and, subsequently, high-quality cognac alcohol.


Probably the question arises, what is the difference between the above cognacs from each other. I would like to note that the very process of producing cognac is creative and each specialist has his own secrets, which he shares with others with difficulty, but in general terms they differ in terms and variety of grapes accepted, method and duration of distillation, storage (aging) and etc..

No matter how different the above cognacs are, they have one thing in common:
all are produced according to the classical production technology of Armenian brandy, they are characterized by high quality, labor and sweat, the soul of a worker of the earth, are embedded in them, they are friendly with those who are looking for the truth.

For us, cognac is art                                                                                               Enjoy the cognac-drink of the gods, and let there be light in your homes and thoughts.
Best regards TAVINKO!